Opinion: Traveling to Salone. Do you need a “travel agent” or should you book your own flight?

Soon it will be that time of the year. December. When Sierra Leoneans near and far leave the hustle and bustle of the overseas life and venture to Sierra Leone for some much needed fun and sun. This means many have or had to at one point prior to their trip book their flight. For many this perhaps involved a middleman, a travel agent. But is this travel agent really necessary?

In this post, we would like to explore whether you should book your own flight using one of the many websites which offer you the opportunity to search and book your own flight such as: Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak, Cheaptickets, etc or do you reach out to someone within the community, give them your travel dates and wait for them to get back to you with how much it will cost you.

Frankly, we have yet to come across a travel agent in the diaspora specializing in Sierra Leonean travel that offers a service, product, or experience that is unique enough to justify not using any one of the aforementioned websites. If you know of one such travel agent or company, please let the community know below or contact us because we would certainly like to highlight such a business.

In our experience, the travel agents provide information (price and travel dates) that one could easily and independently obtain online in a quick amount of time if you can navigate the internet and feel confident enough to book your own ticket. But the operative phrase there is if you feel confident enough to book your own ticket. For some reason, many are not so these agents are still useful but it would be highly encouraged for them to invest in their business and think of more value added services for their customers.

A good example of a travel agency that has some value adds  that we came across is VisitSierraLeone Travel. They have a wealth of information and provide various services to facilitate traveling to Sierra Leone. Need a visa? For example, they have made it possible to do so online.


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