Businesses: DJ Rampage 232

Reginald Carlton Daramy is a Sierra Leone based dj that goes by the name “DJ Rampage 232”.

Born and raised in Sierra Leone he is a Disc Jockey, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist (play keyboard and Bass Guitar) and an IT Engineer (Networking). He is also a member of the Freetown Uncut Band where he plays the role of Dj and instrumentalist.

He is Co-manager for Drizilik and official manager for Fantacee Wiz. As DJ Rampage and a member of the Freetown Uncut  Band he has worked with several Artists such as Drizilik, YungSal, Emmerson, LXG, Shadow Boxxer, Fantacee Wiz, Block Jones, Arkman, Dallas B and more…
He is a club/street DJ (play for weddings, birthday parties, shows, festivals/carnivals, Dinner/Cocktail and the likes…).
DJ Rampage 232 also just released his first official debut single titled “It Issa Goal” ft. Drizilik and Shadow Boxxer.
Follow/Contact DJ Rampage 232 (@dj_rampage232) on Twitter, Instagram, listen to his mixtapes on Mixcloud & Soundcloud and check out his  YouTube and Facebook via the official page “DJ Rampage 232”.
Listen to his first official single “It Issa Goal” via YouTube

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