Mohamed Foh, Founder Kalibondo

It’s a new year and what better way to start off 2018 than to get some insight and inspiration from an entrepreneur that does business in Sierra Leone.

SL Biz interviewed Mohamed Foh, founder of Kalibondo about his business ventures and what he has learned engaging in business in Sierra Leone. Read below for what he has to say!

1) Give us a brief description of the sort of businesses which you are conducting in Sierra Leone or in the diaspora.
Kalibondo has engaged in several businesses.   We started as a general merchandise business selling goods including building materials, furniture, and cars and SUVs.   We still continue to provide all these services and have now expanded into Real Estate.  Helping Sierra Leoneans purchase genuine land and buildings in the Country.   Our main focus is ensuring we break the cycle of corruption in the real estate industry in Sierra Leone, where people can buy real estate with peace of mind that their investment is guaranteed and protected.
2) What was your first business venture in Sierra Leone/the diaspora and what did you learn from that experience.
Our first business was an internet cafe.   We were the first internet cafe in the eastern area near Ferry Junction.   The Internet Cafe is still open and continues to provide services including internet access, desktop publishing, printing and copying services to the general public around Ferry Junction.
3) What do you believe are some challenges to doing business in Sierra Leone or the diaspora and how do you overcome them?
Business in Sierra Leone is no different from business anywhere else in the world.  Some of the major challenges are building a good, reliable, knowledgeable team.  You have to have trustworthy, dedicated people who believe in your vision.
4) Give one piece of advice for anyone thinking of starting a business venture in Sierra Leone or the diaspora.
You have to be consistent and stick to the process.   It’s easy to waiver from one thing to the next.   Stick to one thing
5) Name one business leader from any country/time period that inspires you and tell us why.
There are so many, it’s really hard to just choose one.   From Bill Gates to Jack Welch to Sam Walton to Steve Jobs, Oprah WinfreyAndrew Carnegie is one who stands out above the rest.   To be able to dominate the steel industry in the 19th century and build a nation like the United States is a testament to his resilience.  Most importantly he was a Philanthropist.   One of the first Wealthy business people who taught others to give.

As mentioned above, Foh’s latest venture is real estate. His website is the first of it’s kind for Sierra Leone.

Check out Weyonesl, share this article and inspire others thinking about doing business in Sierra Leone or learn more about the business leaders that has inspired Foh by clicking on the names mentioned above.

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