AYV Media Empire Broadcasts First Televised Presidential Debate

On Thursday February 15, 2018, AYV TV part of the AYV Media Empire hosted the first televised Presidential Debate in Sierra Leone. With the elections less than a month away and this Presidential race having many candidates, it is no surprise that everyone was keen on watching this televised debate, the first of it’s kind. And AYV TV together with it’s partners did not disappoint. We wanted to highlight a couple of factors that made this televised event a success.

  1. Coverage: Prior to the actual debate there was coverage referred to the as the Presidential Debate Build Up. Questions and commentary from concerned Sierra Leoneans were submitted. Prior to the start of the actual debate, the debaters arrived one at a time. Enough time and coverage was given to each Presidential candidate. Multiple camera shots and angles were shared of the televised event. You could feel as if you were there. And despite some sound issues once or twice, overall the event was executed and covered successfully. The event was available on AYV’s website, on the radio, tv, facebook and even AYV’s app. Due perhaps to a high volume of traffic it became difficult to access these channels at times but this is a testament to how popular the event became and lesson learned for AYV. Next time plan for the entirety of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to tune in.
  2. Attention to detail: There were several noteworthy elements which made this coverage impressive. There was an interpreter using sign language to translate what was being said for those hearing impaired. Prior to the debates, each microphone was checked to ensure that no one could call foul play later on or “juju”. One might laugh at this but AYV and it’s partners covered their basis with that one. “Juju” might not be an issue in a U.S. Presidential debate but one could certainly see that becoming an issue or used as a scapegoat in Sierra Leone for any one dissatisfied with how the debate turned out. Extensive attention was paid to setting the ground or house rules which made it so that one could watch the event without jeering, chants, “babu yai” (yes the host said babu yai” and other distractions which one have come to expect from Salone events.
  3. Professionalism: the event was professionally executed. From AYV’s own TV hosts to BBC’s Hassan Arouni whom served as moderator, to the candidates themselves, and the footage which was shown everything was executed and appeared very professional. It was not mediocre to put it lightly. Not commenting on the debate points raised by the candidates themselves, everyone appeared to be very prepared.

Overall this televised event was truly well done. We believe that we can speak on behalf of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad when we say thank you AYV for your efforts. It is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Infact, it should not go unnoticed. Check out AYV’s facebook page for photos and some reactions to the events. You can download’s AYV’s app on your android and apple phone.

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