Registering a Business in Sierra Leone

In this article, we will be giving you current information on how to register your business in Sierra Leone. We will leave the topic of whether you should register your business for another day. So if you have decided that you want to register your business, here are the steps to take.

First we would suggest that you visit the Office of Administrator and Registrar General (OARG) for Sierra Leone. On this website you find the application forms that you need to register a partnership or a sole proprietorship. There is also information about how to contact the OARG by phone or email if you have any questions as you are completing the form. Additionally the bank account information for the OARG is listed for payment of registration fees.

Also important is a “Business and Company Name Search” tool.  You can enter the name of your business to find out whether the name is available. For example, we searched Sierra Leone business and got the below result:


After your search, if the business name is available and you would like to proceed to the application process, you may do so. Or you can reserve the name for three (3) days by sending an email to You can also track the status of a pending application. It is important to note that it appeared that the application form can be completed and submitted online. The application itself does not appear long or time consuming to fill out. Below is the result which we received when we hit submit on an application.


Under the “Business Registry” section of this website, there is helpful information on difference types of businesses so that you can consider the type of business that may be right for you. There is also a visual image of the business registration process which can be completed in one day per the website. It appears that the 1 day is limited to registering a business as a sole proprietor or partnership. If you would like to register a company as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), contact information is provided on the website.

Business registration fees are listed as – Le 50,000 for Sole Proprietorship and Le 55,000 for partnership. This equates to less than $10 U.S. Dollars, $5 British Pounds or $10 Australian Dollars. In short, that is listed on the website appears very reasonable. On the website that is a plethora of other information. You can access the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the website to get more information.

We applaud the initiative and think that it is great that individuals in the diaspora and in Sierra Leone has access to this information online.

Have you registered a business in Sierra Leone? How did you find the process? Leave a comment below.



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